We couldn’t forget about the amazing women we have as customers, which is why we created products specially for them.

Black Cohosh is a main ingredient in our hormone tincture and it has been used for centuries to treat menstrual issues. The symptoms that Black Cohosh can reduce include: hot flashes, cramps, vertigo, bone density loss, and mood swings, along with many others.

Another important ingredient is Raspberry Leaf. This herb is loaded with nutrients that are helpful to a women’s body throughout every stage of life. The leaf contains a compound called fragarine, which helps to tone and relax muscles and relieve cramps in the pelvic region.

Crampbark, another addition to our tincture, gets its name from its use as a menstrual cramp reliever. It was found that the antioxidants in Crampbark may also help treat a known disease that affects the female reproductive system, endometriosis.

These are just a couple of ingredients packed into our amazing Hormone tincture. All of these tied together with CBD is a perfect PMS potion!

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